Sponsor Thanks!

A special thanks as well to the many artists and artisans who generously contribute their creations in support of the 2017 Gardens Spring Fundraising Auctions – we value your support very much!  2018 donors and sponsors will be recognized here later in the spring.

We dedicate this page to them, and hope you will make sure to thank them for supporting the Gardens next time you give them business!

There are also many, many individuals who contribute items to our fundraising efforts. For privacy reasons we have chosen not to list their names online, but we sincerely thank them as well for their support!

Businesses, Studios, Organizations:

  • 221 St Anthony Street Gallery & Antiques, Annapolis Royal
  • A la Belle Etoile, Church Point
  • Annapolis Highland Vineyards, Bear River
  • Annapolis Independent Grocer, Annapolis Royal
  • Annapolis Royal Golf & Country Club, Annapolis Royal
  • Annapolis Royal Inn, Annapolis Royal
  • Apple Pie Pottery, Middleton
  • Armstrong Law Office, Annapolis Royal
  • Atlantic Arborists, Kingston
  • Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society, Halifax
  • The Bailey House B&B, Annapolis Royal
  • Bainton’s Tannery Outlet, Annapolis Royal
  • Basic Spirit Pewter, Pugwash
  • Bear Cove Resources, Brooklyn
  • Bistro East, Annapolis Royal
  • Blomidon Nurseries, Wolfville
  • Bread & Roses Inn, Annapolis Royal
  • Briar Patch Nursery, Berwick
  • Brier Island Whale & Seabird Cruises, Brier Island
  • Brown Bros Excavating, Annapolis Royal
  • Bunchberry Nurseries, Upper Clements
  • Canada Post, Annapolis Royal
  • Catalpa Tree Massage & Yoga, Annapolis Royal
  • Champlain Garden Club, Annapolis Royal
  • The Chocolate Shop, Annapolis Royal
  • Clements Garden Club, Clementsvale
  • Country Stoves & Sunrooms, Aylesford
  • CTL Forest Resources, Upper Granville
  • Dawn Oman Art, Upper Granville
  • Decorative Decoys, Hantsport
  • Deep Sky Eye Observatory, Quinan
  • Digby Pines Golf Resort & Spa, Digby
  • Eden Golf & Country Club, Paradise
  • End of the Line Pub, Bridgetown
  • Endless Shore Books, Bridgetown
  • Fancy Jewellers, Annapolis Royal
  • Fort Anne Café, Annapolis Royal
  • Fort Anne National Historic Site, Annapolis Royal
  • Frasers Pro Hardware, Granville Ferry
  • Fundy YMCA, Cornwallis
  • Garrison House Inn, Annapolis Royal
  • Glad Gardens, Waterville
  • Glen Arbour Golf, Halifax
  • GR Saunders, New Minas
  • Grand Pré Winery, Grand Pré
  • Hillsdale House Inn, Annapolis Royal
  • Home Hardware Building Centre, Annapolis Royal
  • Hutchin’s Pharmacy, Annapolis Royal
  • Insigne Garden Design, Halifax
  • Kaulbach Funeral Home, Annapolis Royal
  • King George Inn, Annapolis Royal
  • King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal
  • Lee Valley Tools, Halifax
  • Lequille Country Store, Lequille
  • Leo’s Cafe, Annapolis Royal
  • Lola’s Little Cake Emporium, Annapolis Royal
  • Loose Ends Trading Co, Annapolis Royal
  • Luckett Vineyards, Gaspereau Valley
  • Mariner Cruises, Westport
  • Maritime Travel, Bridgetown
  • Mersey River Chalets, Caledonia
  • Nimbus Publishing, Halifax
  • Nova Scotia Fisherman, New Minas
  • NSCC – Horticulture Program, Kentville
  • Oaklawn Farm Zoo, Aylesford
  • Out of FOCUS, Annapolis Royal
  • Port Royal Animal Hospital, Annapolis Royal
  • Quarterdeck Beachside Villas & Grill, Summerville
  • Queen Anne Inn, Annapolis Royal
  • Restaurant Composé, Annapolis Royal
  • Scotia Horticulture Solutions, Halifax
  • Sew Far So Good, Barton
  • Ski Martock, Windsor
  • Springvale Nurseries, Berwick
  • Still Fired Distilleries, Lequille
  • Still Point Lodge & Cottages, Clementsport
  • Sunroom Glass, Upper Clements
  • Sweet Pea Esthetics, Annapolis Royal
  • Tangled Garden, Grand Pré
  • Thexton’s Greenhouses, Annapolis Royal
  • Tom’s Diner & Pizzeria, Lequille
  • Transcontinental Media, Berwick
  • Tripp Gallery, Annapolis Royal
  • Upper Clements Parks, Upper Clements
  • Valley Sod & Landscaping, Bridgetown
  • Vineland Research & Innovation Centre, Vineland Station, Ontario
  • Weasy’s Hair Salon, Granville Ferry
  • White Point Beach Resort, White Point
  • Widdershin’s Inspirations, Annapolis Royal

Artists, Craftspeople and other Talent Providers:

  • Giselle Beauchamp, Upper Clements
  • Marilyn Booth, Bridgetown
  • Wayne Boucher, Greywood
  • Geoff Butler, Granville Ferry
  • Sherry Caldwell, Annapolis Royal
  • Ed Corkum (Heritage Crafts), Kingston
  • Doug Crouse, Granville Centre
  • Peter Davies, Annapolis Royal
  • Ern Dick, Granville Ferry
  • Eileen Doucet-Walsh, Allain’s River
  • Brenda Everett, Annapolis Royal
  • Michael Fry, Annapolis Royal
  • Art Jones, Lequille
  • Paul LaLonde, Annapolis Royal
  • Marilyn Lawson, Granville Ferry
  • Ted Lind, Granville Ferry
  • Connie Lowe-Parker, Allain’s River
  • Mary MacIntosh, Annapolis Royal
  • Heather MacLeod, Annapolis Royal
  • Ken Maher, Round Hill
  • Helen Opie, Granville Ferry
  • Doug Parker, Belleisle
  • Gini Proulx, Deep Brook
  • Ray Sanford, Bear River

There are also many, many individuals who contribute items to our event. For privacy reasons we have chosen not to list their names online, but we sincerely thank them as well for their support!


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